Frugal Cooking 101

15 07 2011

My not-so-extreme couponing has led to way cheap cooking.  Usually I like to make stuff from scratch, which is a good way to save money if you have your staples at home.  But this meal was made almost all out of the box, which is convenient and apparently can be cheap, as well.  Here was my spending on it:

Hamburger Helper Philly Cheesesteak–On Sale 3/$4 plus $.75 coupon when you buy three (coupon doubled to $1.50 off)=
$.83 for the one box
Ground Beef–$5.50/2lbs plus $2.00 off coupon because I bought Hamburger Helper=
$1.75 for the 1lb of meat (saved other pound for another meal)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls–On Sale 2/$3 plus $.40 coupon when you buy 2 (coupon doubled to $.80 off)=
$1.10 for one package of 8 rolls
Veggies–On Sale 10/$10=
$.50 for the half bag I used

So I spent a grand total of $4. 18 on this meal.  The only addition I made was adding paprika and a little bit of butter to the veggies.  This was a ridiculous amount of food for two people.  It could feed at least 3, and then 4 if you made more veggies.  I don’t know if this was extreme cheap, but it was $2.09 for each of us, which is cheaper than what you’d pay for a “meal” on the dollar menu.  Not to mention it was way healthier.