My Harry Potter Savings

22 07 2011

I have a guilty pleasure. And its kind of weird. I like to get peanut butter m&ms and rice crispy treats out of the vending machine at school. And then decorate my rice crispy treats with peanut butter m&ms. I can’t believe I’m telling the world this. But I have a few m&m wrappers that have contest codes on them. I never win contests, but I decided to enter anyways. The contest was for free movie tickets or movie theater discounts. I won twice! It was $3 off a ticket. Which isn’t much. But that’s how much extra it is to see a movie in 3D. So when we went to see Harry Potter, we paid regular price instead of the 3D price. I’ve decided I’m entering contests more often. Why not?

On top of that we went with these awesome people that found a great deal for movies in the South Hills. At Carmike 10, if you go see any movie between 4:00 and 5:30 PM, it’s only $5. (Plus $3 for 3D.)

There’s also a dollar theater in West Mifflin. They run movies after the regular theaters are done with them. But I don’t go there anymore. One of their employees called me a witch with a capital b one time. I asked her why they didn’t have regular salt, and then she tried to charge me for a huge container of that weird season salt. So I voiced my opinion. But I didn’t cuss. I told her manager, a dirty teenager with his fly down, but he told me he didn’t care. So I don’t go there anymore.

I won’t write anything about the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it yet…naturally if you read the books there are always going to be disappointments, but it was a fun time!




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