How to get what’s yours!

1 07 2011

So I’ve heard about this a couple of times over the years.  But I didn’t know the specifics or exactly how to access it.  Apparently state treasuries have a database of unclaimed payments to individuals just waiting for these people to come in and claim them.  You just go to their website, type in your name, and see if anyone owes you anything.  Unfortunately my name didn’t turn anything up, but I decided to check for some of my close family as well and found a check for over $100 for a family member.  After you find it, you print out some paperwork to verify you are, indeed, that person, file the claim, and receive the check.  Pretty amazing.

The great thing about this one…it’s not just for Pittsburghers.  Every single state treasury offers this service.  To check and see if you have an unclaimed paycheck, insurance payment, security deposit, long-lost bank account, or WHATEVER, you go to and click on your state. It will bring you to your state treasury’s website where you can start your search. I love that there’s a central website, too, as I’ve lived in a number of states over the years and it made it way easy to check all my different locales. It’s free and takes a couple of minutes.  With Pennsylvania alone holding $1.5 billion just waiting to be found, it certainly can’t hurt to take a look.

Question of the Day
What would you do with an extra $100?




2 responses

3 07 2011

How many popscicles could I get for 100?

3 07 2011

not enough. it won’t ever be enough. :p

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